North Carolina customers, click here to see the new Terms of Service effective 12/1.

Customers own and are responsible for the cost of maintaining cable and phone wiring within their homes. Also, customers may install and maintain additional outlets.

Suddenlink Communications takes pride in providing the finest signal possible for all our customers. We're happy to perform repair service at no charge if the problem is related to our equipment or to the Suddenlink lines located outside the customer's home. However, the customer may be charged for repair visits when the problem is caused by defective electronic equipment that the customer has purchased, interior wiring problems, improper alterations the customer may have made to the original installation, etc.

While most problems can be corrected over the phone through our technical support department, a service call fee may be assessed if an in-home service appointment is required. Estimated minimum fee (hourly service charge) will be quoted over the phone at the time an appointment is scheduled and will also be reviewed by the BBT prior to proceeding with the actual correction.

The Suddenlink Safeguard Plan was designed to cover inside wiring installed by Suddenlink, customer education, and diagnosis inside the home. Safeguard gives customers protection for the inside wiring connection of their Suddenlink services including Advanced Digital TV, High-Speed Internet, and Home Phone.

Inside wiring is defined as: wiring located from the point of entry outside of the home (ground block in the NIU) to the back of the customer's device, known as "inside wiring"; for the purpose of transmitting a basic, digital, HSI, or phone signal.

Customers who choose to subscribe to the Safeguard are exempt from trip or service charges that may have otherwise applied based on the circumstances of the wiring service call (see the current complete list of "What is Covered" on your Knowledgelink). We do not cover Internet home networking unless the customer subscribes to Suddenlink WiFi@Home.

Customers can sign up for Safeguard when it is determined that a service call will be scheduled – either on the phone or when the BBT is at the home to avoid charges. (Customers who discontinue Safeguard are not eligible to sign up again for six months to discourage abuse.)

How do I get Suddenlink Safeguard? You may add Safeguard to your existing services by calling Suddenlink Customer Service at 888-822-5151 or chat with us online.

Covered Not Covered
Customer cut cable (digging/plowing, etc.) Customer installed own cable outlet or jack, bad picture, phone crackles (after initial Suddenlink wire certification)
Replacing non-Suddenlink wiring/splitters, etc. Installation of a new VCR, DVD, TV, or Phone
Animal chewed wiring inside and out Damage to wiring as a result of a natural disaster, such as fire, floods, earthquakes
Putting customer's TV back on proper channel A change in outlet or jack location due to remodeling or new construction
Loose fittings Troubleshooting computer network or complex wiring not installed by Suddenlink (NOTE: Suddenlink Home Networking customers who subscribe to Suddenlink Home Networking Safeguard will be covered)
Verifying bad customer equipment (TV, VCR, splitter, computer, network card, printer, audio system, telephone) Repair or replacement of any customer-owned electronic equipment to include but not limited to phones, TV's, DVD's, computers, routers and modems
Identification of service problems that are a result of customer's consumer premise equipment Repair or replacement of any customer-installed pre-wired or post-wired phone or CATV wire not run in accordance with accepted industry standards as determined by Suddenlink. (After initial Suddenlink wire certification)
Reattaching wiring to the side of the house Service problem caused by customer installation of equipment
Pre-existing service problems with the wiring or outlets and jacks will be repaired at the time the customer begins service under the plan Rewiring of home after it is destroyed or renovated
Customer education/advice on Suddenlink products on the hook-up and operation of customer-owned equipment Changing batteries in remotes (Suddenlink-owned and customer-owned remotes)
All services related to the Suddenlink network and Suddenlink-owned equipment Initial installation of service, outlets, or jacks
Reattaching damaged customer owned wire on the outside of the house Wiring between buildings not installed by Suddenlink
Customer-owned electronics hooked up incorrectly that are not connected to a Suddenlink product Gross negligence or willful damage to the wiring, outlets or jacks and equipment
Replacement of wiring inside walls Customer-damaged remote(s)
Wire jumper from wall plate to input of the first piece of equipment Suddenlink Business Service (SBS) customers or commercial locations
Home Theater wire replacement for products connected to Suddenlink services
Replacement of house amplifiers & modems purchased by customer from Suddenlink, if still covered by our warranty
Replacement of house amplifiers & modems purchased by customer from a 3rd party (labor is covered, but charge for new equipment will apply)
Troubleshooting video home entertainment systems if installed by Suddenlink
Troubleshooting computer network settings and wiring that was installed installed by Suddenlink