New Bill

Is my bill statement design changing?

Yes, most customers will see a new design in the next few months. We redesigned the bill to provide you with a simpler, better organized and easier to understand format, so you can find the information you want even faster.

What are the new features on the bill?

The redesigned statement builds on the useful features and information found in the current statement. We moved key information under easy-to-see headings. We added a What Changed section which includes a brief description of what changed since your last bill. We changed the paper size of your bill so it’s easier to read and has more white space. Finally, we simplified the Account Summary section to give you the highlights all on one page, while providing you a detailed breakdown by service underneath.

Will my service charges change?

All customers may see a slight variation in the taxes associated with your monthly Suddenlink services. For Residential customers, services and associated charges will remain the same. For Business customers who have Metered Domestic Long Distance voice services, this service will be replaced with a simpler unlimited US calling plan for a flat rate of $3.00/line per month.

Will my account number or access code be changing?

Your access code will stay the same. Your account number will change. Both can be found in the upper left hand corner of your new bill.

Is my due date the same?

Some customers will have the same due date. For others, we’ve extended your due date so you have more time to pay. Your new due date will be under the Account Summary section at the top of the first page.

Are there any changes to my username and/or password for My Account?

No, your username and password will stay the same. If you forgot your username and/or password, go here and we’ll give you instructions on how to reset them.

Will I still be able to access my old statements after the redesign bill becomes available?

Yes, your old statements will still be available to view and download at My Account.

How do I know which dates I am being charged for?

Your Billing Period for each bill is at the top of the first page in the Account Summary section.

What’s the difference between New Charges and Total Amount Due?

New charges show the charges to your account during the service period. These include your regular monthly service charges, one-time charges, taxes, etc. Total amount due shows the total of the new charges plus any unpaid balance on your account as of the date the bill was issued to you.

How will I know if changes I recently made to my services have been applied?

If you have made any changes to your services, you’ll see those updates on your next bill under the What Changed and Partial Month Activity section. Any services added to your account will appear as partial month charges from the date of your change in service. Any services removed from your account will appear as partial month credits. The amount of partial month charges and credits will vary depending upon your billing cycle and when you made the changes to your services.

Can I pay my bill the same way I’ve been paying it?

Yes, you may pay your bill the same way that you’ve paid in the past. For Residential customers, we’ve added a new Ways To Pay section on your bill for you to learn about other convenient ways you may pay your bill.