Understanding Your Bill

The guide below provides you with a section-by-section explanation of green and blue Suddenlink bill. If your bill does not look like the below, click here.

Previous Activity

The amount and date of your last payment. It will also display your previous statement balance as well as any past due balance that will need to be paid immediately.

Monthly Charges

Monthly charges for your bundle package, like Triple Play. Plus, any other monthly charge for items that are not included in your bundle, such as WiFi@home, premium channels, and broadcaster’s fees.

One Time Charges

Charges not covered in other areas of your bill like installation fees, field technician visits, modem purchases, and outlet installations.

Movies and Events

Charges for any Pay-Per-View movies or events as well as On Demand purchases.


Credits and any other one-time adjustments like late payment fees, outage credits, and return check fees.

Taxes and Fees

Taxes and fees associated with the services you receive. These are applied by the governing bodies in your state and community, not Suddenlink.

Total Due

Total of the charges on your account since your last statement.